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What is the Graduate & Professional Student Update?

This regular student email is a collaborative effort between the Office for Student Affairs and the Graduate School to improve post-baccalaureate communication at the University of Minnesota, Twin Cities. Our goal is to make sure all graduate and professional students are aware of events, resources, and information that are available to them.

check out myu for this and other great info!How is this connected to myU?

People retain information differently, so it is necessary to deliver content in various ways. The Graduate & Professional Student Update is designed to reach out to students with timely events, resources, and deadlines that they may not be aware of. myU was created to make information seachable and easy to find when students are ready to know more. Together the Graduate & Professional Student Update and myU work to keep students well informed.

Who provides content?

All University of Minnesota,Twin Cities, departments that work with graduate and professional students should have a representative to provide content to the Graduate & Professional Student Update as well as myU. If you are unsure of the representative for your department, please contact us at

For an overview of the content submission process for graduate and professional students, click here (PDF file).

Can students opt-out?

No. The reality of being a U of M graduate or professional student is that there is always some information that you need to know. The decision to read this information is always yours, but too often we hear students say "I wish I had known that option was available." Not everything included in the Graduate & Professional Student Update will apply to you, but it is our job to make sure all students have access to information about the services and resources available to them.

Can faculty and staff opt-in?

Yes. Enter your name and email address below; you will receive an email asking you to confirm this request (faculty and staff only).


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